Overcast, with some minor rain

It’s amazing how quickly the weather changes in London, one week passes and before you have time to think about dusting jackets down, or scouring your underwear drawers for long lost gloves, you’re standing at a station, hands wrapped firmly around a coffee cup, wondering how many days ago it was exactly that everything turned grey. Autumn and Winter evoke a certain nostalgia within, and personally I see the beginning of this time as the perfect setting to take a deep breath to recover from┬áthe whirls of Summer, and to sink back inside yourself a little, to reminisce, to revisit places you half forgot you had been over the last year, or, perhaps, to remember the people you thought you may one day forget about. So I’m writing this, with the sound of rain tapping on my window and roof for the fourth day running, and writing it without that self-conscious fear of sounding effeminate, because sometimes it is important, when the world outside is more dark and grey than usual, to make some time for yourself, to light a candle that compliments the smell of fresh Autumn rain, to throw on a movie that you watched once with people, or perhaps a person that you once grew fond of and wish you had kept in touch with more. Remind yourselves of everything that means anything, refresh those heart strings, and prepare yourselves for the next five months of grey surroundings and darkness, so that maybe come Christmas, or New Years, or any other time in between that we may all flock together for, you can let in enough light to be happy for everything that you hold dear.